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AvaTrade UK

(5 out of 5 stars from 574 Reviews)

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In our review of AvaTrade UK review, we discovered a global CFD and Forex broker. The AvaTrade group has headquarters in Dublin. Its other offices are in Paris, Milan, Tokyo and Sydney. AvaTrade has been in the financial markets since 2006.

Overall Rating


"Best Forex Broker"

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Over the years, the investment company has been able to build up a large base of investors and traders. More than 50,000 forex trading UK investors(as of 2020) trust this broker. They execute around 500 thousand trades per month. We have had experiences with AVATrade UK and would of course like to describe them in detail.


With its headquarters in Ireland, the company is also regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland . Due to the strict regulation, AVATrade has to adhere to many regulations and guidelines . These measures also determine, among other things, the handling of client assets.

Trading Offer &  Trading Platform

avatrade trading platform

AvaTrade UK broker features a large trading offer. This broker allows traders to trade over 200 currency pairs. The investor has the choice of trading using Web Trading, AvaTradeGo  or whether the known Meta Trader 4. With the Metatrader, the investor has a maximum margin of 0.05%, which ends up in a maximum leverage of 1: 400. If you trade with the AVATrader, the maximum leverage is 1: 200.

A positive aspect to be mentioned is the abundant range of training courses offered by the broker. Beginners can quickly expand their knowledge and demonstrate more successful trading.

AvaTrade UK Customer Service Experience

Customer ServiceWhether an online broker is really good at CFDs and Forex trading often only becomes apparent when questions or problems arise. That is why the stock portfolio editors rated the customer service of all providers immediately after testing the trading conditions. Both foreign exchange trading (Forex) and OTC trading (for example CFDs or FX CFDs) are global and there are hardly any breaks in the markets, not even at AvaTrade. In our experience, the availability of the broker is crucial. A forex broker must be reachable in as many ways as possible. AvaTrade tries to do this by being available via phone, email and helpful live chat. Because the required contact details are easy to find on, the broker did a lot right. AvaTrade thus earned an overall rating of “good” in our test.

AvaTrade CFDs

CFDsTrading CFDs is usually very risky. Of course, CFDs on foreign exchange can also be used as a hedge. However, most of your traders trade for profit maximization. Since, as already mentioned, trading CFDs and Forex is risky, it’s also the broker’s responsibility to show these risks to customers. After all there are certain legal requirements on what a company must communicate to the customer. We therefore also check, among other things, whether the AvaTrade UK is fulfilling its obligations in this case.

Apart from the knowledge obligations of the broker, there are other points to think about in terms of security. By this we mean, for instance , the separation of customer funds and the company’s assets. Legal requirements also apply here. The subject of deposit protection also plays a crucial role at the AvaTrade broker UK. We are able to give AvaTrade the grade “very good” in the risk test category.

Trading costs

Trading costsCosts and charges can significantly reduce returns in trading. Most brokers differ little in terms of their underlying assets. the amount of the minimum deposit is also acceptable with most providers. The difference between the brokers is therefore, among other things, the amount of costs. In our CFD comparison, we first check the conditions of the provider. We test the amount of the spreads, the commissions and other fees such as fees for a payout.

The areas of “cost of trading” and “customer service” play the most important role for many traders in the comparison. Therefore, they’re also taken into account in other comparisons. we have therefore compared our test results with the experiences of other specialist magazines.

The stock portfolio editors have calculated the present partial rating for the provider from over 15 test criteria. in the test category “Costs for trading”, AvaTrade from UK received the rating “satisfactory”.

Avatrade FAQs

What does AvaTrade promise with its “NEW CUSTOMER BONUS”?

As an online broker specializing in foreign exchange trading, AvaTrade offers advantageous conditions. The new customer bonus is 20% of the deposit amount. The stock portfolio editorial team has gained experience and checked the offer for you.

How does AvaTrade differentiate itself from other forex traders?

As a forex trader, AvaTrade faces a large number of competitors. This explains the special attention paid to extensive protection and flexible trading conditions. In the test, the stock portfolio editors checked whether AvaTrade succeeded in differentiating itself from other foreign exchange dealers.

How does AvaTrade see itself and what do customers get out of it?

The Forex broker AvaTrade believes that a user-oriented perspective, multilingual round-the-clock support and a comprehensive range of services and platforms are particularly important.

What points can new customers at AvaTrade hope for?

Newcomers to trading and foreign exchange traders will find interesting offers on The stock portfolio editors compared customer experiences with the promises of AvaTrade.

The certificate – how did AvaTrade perform in the stock portfolio test?

Trading costs: 3
Customer service: 2
Risk: 1
Security: 2
Knowledge transfer : 2 Ease of
use: 3
Mobile securities trading: 2
Order types and order supplements: 2
Additional offers: 2
Legal matters : 2

Overall grade: 2.3


Summary of our AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade was able to convince in the test of the stock portfolio editorial team! The test grade is 94%. The risk and security efforts of the broker were particularly decisive for this test result. In the end, this result was not jeopardized even by the less transparent trading conditions. With its offer, AvaTrade is particularly aimed at trading beginners with little experience, but traders with experience in Forex and CFD trading could also feel addressed by the offer.

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€ 100,00

€ 100,00